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How to Install Pligg CMS manually on the server?

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This " Pligg CMS Installation Tutorial " will guide you through the process of installing Pligg Social Networking CMS on your web server or a web hosting account. Once you go through this Pligg tutorial in uploading a script you will be able to install it with just few clicks.
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Firstly, you need to download the Pligg CMS script. The package need to be extracted then uploaded. Unzip the Pligg file and copy the folder to the public directory. One thing you have to remember before installing pligg in the webhost are renaming and chmodding. Once you are done you may run the Pligg Installer file by going to the url where you have installed the installer file. To make your work easier I have mentioned the url where you only need to change the text in blue with the domain name (http:// domain. com/install/install. php). Lastly, dont forget to CHMOD the file /libs/dbconnect.php back to 644 and clean up your installation data by removing the intall folder from the webserver. I have divided the installation tutorial into three parts.

enlightenedSTEP FIRST:
Rename following folders (remove text in red) :
1.    /logs.default to /logs

Rename following files (remove text in red) :
1.    settings.php.default to settings.php
2.    /favicon.ico.default to /favicon.ico
3.    /libs/dbconnect.php.default to dbconnect.php
4.    /languages/lang_english.conf.default to lang_english.conf

CHMOD 0777 the following folders (Chmod folder in green):
1.    /cache/
2.    /admin/backup/
3.    /avatars/groups_uploaded/
4.    /avatars/user_uploaded/
5.    /languages/ (CHMOD 0777 all of the files contained within this folder)

CHMOD 0666 the following files (Chmod folder in green) :
1.    /libs/dbconnect.php
2.    settings.php

enlightenedSTEP SECOND:

Proceed to the second  next step to install Pligg CMS onto your MySQL Database. If you dont know setting up MySQL Database than you should check with your webhost. Contact them directly or read the documentation.

1. Change the text in blue with your domain name (http:// domain. com/install/install. php) and open the link in a web browser.

From this point onwards you will be guided accordingly, please read on and continue furthur with the installation process.

enlightenedSTEP THIRD:
1.    CHMOD /libs/dbconnect.php back to 644.
2.    DELETE the /install directory from your server.

3.   Login to the admin area using the user information you entered in step second. To login to the admin area change the  text in blue with the domain name you've brought (http:// domain/admin/admin_index. php)

Congratulation, by now you'll have a working Pligg CMS Website.

answered Jan 24 by Sugam (1,440 points)  
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